Hello. I am sorry for the super late announcement.

I notice that there are a lot of you guys who are still looking for the albums/videos of TVXQ and JYJ. At one side, I am, sincerely, happy with those. That means the fandom itself still there and stronger; isn’t it? But on the other side, I am sad because at the moment I really can’t do anything about that. My internet connection is, sadly, not getting any better. It keeps dc-ing once awhile, which making the upload failed over and over again. Not to mention that I am currently kind of busy with my works *sighs*real life*sighs*. There’re barely times to download things nowadays.

However, for those who are still looking for the old albums/videos of them, maybe you can try this site :

The owner of the site is currently uploading the albums and videos and dramas one by one, so maybe you can try that. :) Well, if by any chance she doesn’t have it and you really-really-really want the videos, I will try to upload *again*, though I don’t know when it’s going to be finished. >”< But please, try to find it there or ask her first since it’s quite hard for me to comply with your requests at the moment (not that I don’t want to). Her twitter is @chajatta_tvxq

If you still have any questions (or want to chat or whatever), feel free to ask me at twitter since I’m more active there and I’ll reply to you sooner there : @5starssupporter


Thanks a lot for every supports! :)
Best regards, 5starssupporter



PS. I think I should hide all the posts so that none of you will get deceived with the broken links? Will be done in a month start from the date this post is published, then.

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